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Group Fitness

These classes are led by energetic trainers that guide you through a 45-minute class that will boost your energy, help you reach your goals, and create a close-knit community that you will love! Come along and join any one of our great classes at the gym for the full experience.

Boot Camp

This class will kick you into shape and keep you on track! Boot camp consists of weight training, body weight exercises, cardio, and plyometrics!


HIIT & Core

HIIT classes boost the metabolism and ignite your muscles through training at a high intensity level within specific intervals. Core strength training improves the stability of the entire body. Your core is your foundation to exercise.


Tone & Tighten

This class focuses on toning down and tightening up. Using light weights and performing each exercise in a high-rep and focused range, we will create lean and firm muscle.



Relaxation and stretching are vital to our daily lives. This yoga class with help you increase your flexibility, loosen tight muscles, and is a great addition to any workout routine.


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